Life Soundtrack

Head in the sky…

(picture from chat)
Everybody wishes that they could have a soundtrack for their life. Music playing everyday and changing with your moods and with the things happening around you. Well for this moment right here in my life, I have found a soundtrack. I’ll let you find out how I’m feeling and what I’m doing…

Over Here (Ratatat Remix) – Young Jeezy & Bun-B

Ratatat is soooo perfect for smooth and sunny days. All of their albums are a real masterpiece for my ears. I’ve loved them since I’ve heard Seventeen Years several years ago and can’t stop listening to their songs. Whenever I feel like listening to some good sound, some solid guitar riffs and some good old rhymes, I just put their remixes albums and I feel all gangster and shit.

The Mule (Ratatat Remix) – Z-Ro, Devin the Dude & Juvenile

We received a little goodie in our inbox. I Need A Dollar was #1 in the hype machine charts last week and I was greatly surprised to find a remix from some dudes named Pristine Blusters, DJs from Brazil. Their remix is “pretty energetic and it adds some booty flavor to this amazing track”. They say it just right :)

I Need a Dollar (Pristine Blusters & DJ Mulher ‘Millionaire’ Remix)- Aloe Balcc