MASHUP MADNESS – spring 2010 edition

Ok so recently, I’ve just been searching around for some new stuff, and decided to go down paths I’d usually ignore, and I came up with quite a playlist. It might be short with only five tunes, but it’s sweet.
I won’t just go on telling you cool facts about the artists, because these mashups are either home-made or by DJ’s I can’t recall. So just enjoy these creative takes on classic, underground, popular and gangsta tunes.
(p.s. you gotta admit my collages are cool hahaha)


Outkast VS Daft Punk

Punkroses (by Outkast & Daft Punk)

The Beatles VS Nine Inch Nails

Come Closer Together (by Nine Inch Nails & The Beatles)

Notorious B.I.G. VS Miley Cyrus (cough cough!)

Party and Bullshit In the U.S.A. (by Miley Cyrus & B.I.G.)

Weezer VS Joan Jett VS Queen

We Will Rock and Roll Beverly Hills (by Weezer, Joan Jett & Queen)

And finally, this isn’t a mashup but it’s a hell of an amazing cover by one of my favorite bands, Iron & Wine. Ladies and gentlemen, Wild Horses.

Wild Horses (by Iron & Wine and The Rolling Stones)

No time for more, but more random coolness is on it’s way.