All you electro-music listeners need to know your roots. So what is jungle music? Most of the forty years old were dancing on this considering the emergence of those beats around 1990. I will let you guys figure it out with an official definition and a collection of oldschool & newschool jungle.

“Oldschool Jungle is the name given to a style of electronic music that incorporates influences from genres including breakbeat hardcore, techno, and reggae/dub/dancehall. There is significant debate as to whether jungle is a separate genre from drum and bass as some use the terms interchangeably. Drum and bass started to separate musically from jungle in the mid to late 1990s, in which there is a fuzzy period where it is harder to distinguish the difference between the two genres. There is much politics attached to labelling different tracks as a specific genre.”

I Need Your Lovin (Fantazia 1992) – NRG

On The Run ft. T-Power – Shy FX

Incredible ft. General Levy – M Beat

Original Nuttah – Shy FX & UK Apache

Give Me A Try – Sizzla