So I’ve decided to change the usual vibe for something more ambient and sensual for the hot summer nights on their way; perfect for those long nights spent on a terrace with good company.

So you’ve got your typical slow, sensual beats like these;

Drop The Other (by Emika)

Down Slow (by Moby)

Quest (by Nosaj Thing)

Come in Closer (by Blue October)

As I Moved On (by Blue Foundation)

On a sunny day (by Onra & Quetzal)

Syrupsniph (by Flunk)

And here’s a mini electro bonus, that’s smooth and that has a really summery video.

Or some true raw, southern sexy vibe that Bluegrass offers;

For those who aren’t familiar with Bluegrass, it’s a music genre that mixes historical music backgrounds like blues, jazz, and irish/welsh/scottish traditional music. There’s often many stringed instruments, that each take turns playing the melody. It’s sexy because the instruments speak and play with each other, and the banjo reminds us of the southern leather and cowboys, and the guitars (electric and acoustic) the deep emotions of a bluesman. Sounds like a weird mix, but it gets right into your body and soul. Here are a few tracks from the Black Keys, who are owning the Bluegrass scene right now. The duo has already put out something like seven albums out already, and as true artists, they just keep working hard and producing amazing stuff.

Psychotic Girl (by The Black Keys)

Work Me (by The Black Keys)