Summertime child the living’s easy.

I knew scanning those old playboy magazines would of come handy someday. So here it is, I’ve built a small summer playlist that you should burn on a CD real quick cause those tracks are as hot as your mom in this front page featuring. From disco to italo electro slash dub, they get me hype and ready for the 40 degrees celcius summer.

Louis La Roche came in with a disco sound featured on what might be the second best blog in the world. It brings back similar memory of Breakbot’s “Baby I’m Yours” – Love’s so hard to find when someone’s on your mind.

Missing You (Feat. Ad-Apt) – Louis La Roche

How can we bring a top A track to another level? Ask Midnight Conspiracy, I got no clue on how they did that fantastic remix ; brigning back an amazing track for the win.

Crimewave (Midnight Conspiracy Remix) – Crystal Castles

Considering their 4:20 released track, this mashup/edit is perfect for drugs discussers’ Calvin Harris and Peace Treaty. Dan Aux keeps up with that ridiculously slick sound.

Im Not Alone In Da Ganja (Dan Aux VIP Party Edit) – Calvin Harris Vs Peace Treaty

Haydn Hoffman made up quite a bunch of sick remixes lately but what caught my eyes (ears) were his original tracks. Keep an eye (ear) on him and on his upcoming releases.

In the Red – Haydn Hoffman

No introduction needed for Lazaro Casanova, he is the shit in lounge music. You can ask him questions via the mstrkrft forum or listen to most of his releases for free on soundclound. Make sure to check out his charts on his website. He isn’t coming to montreal for his 2010 tour but lets put some pressure for next year.

Dirty Blonde (Lazaro Casanova Rhodes Mix) – Femme En Fourrure