Nouveau Yorican & Carte Blanche

Laidback Luke & Gina Turner (that I also aka hot for a dj) teamed up to create Nouveau Yorican:

“Person who inhabits the New York and sorrounding areas, who has a Puerto Rican ancestry, listen to reggeaton, walk around being “proud” to be Puerto Rican and carry a knife to stab someone, BUT actually have never been to PR, do not speak any spanish and have absolutely no idea what PR is all about.” via Urban Dictionary

I don’t think this is the definition we are looking for but it still made me laugh. Anyhow, sick bangers ahead so get ready for nouveau yorican’s vibe. I have always been a fan of Laidback Luke but I kinda lost track of him when I went off the popular electro chart. I’m thrilled he adapts to the new electro wave considering he has one of the cleanest song build ups to mix.

beatport link

I also found a ETC!ETC! & Mr. Vega‘s bootleg of ‘Jackit’ by Nouveau Yorican while browsing to find some stuff around the EP. I have never disliked his work unlike some of the mass remixers out there. Keep up the twisted beats.

Jackit (ETC!ETC! & Mr. Vega Bootleg) – Nouveau Yorican

Another recent duo announcement has been made with DJ Mehdi & Riton under the name Carte Blanche. They already have an ep and a mixtape out. I already knew Riton because of his Wolfmother – New Moon Rising’s vocal rub and no introduction needed for DJ Mehdi. Enjoy those two oldschool dance music videos but you might see your mom in those.