Valley Maker and cie

So, here I am after this crazy Claude VonStroke afterparty more dead than I already was. The nights are short but the music is still sooo soothing, or should I say even more when my ears are still bleeding from that epic House/Techno/Ghetto/Electro/WTV.

Jacob and Esau – Valley Maker

I stumbled upon a very special project not so long ago and fell in love with it. Who would have thought that Genesis (no not the band, the book) could become so interesting and …. well … musical ?! Valley Maker proved me that religion can sometimes make wonders out of the many disasters it created. Austin Crane just recently graduated from a double major in international economics and Russian language and literature and he chose to write this album as a final project because he “wanted to do a senior thesis project that reflected [his] love for and interest in songwriting and music”. With the help of his friend Amy Godwin, he created a masterpiece. No need to say that his professors/advisors were really excited about it. I bet you a shitload of money I don’t have that he’s gonna pass with flying colors.

Jacob – Valley Maker

You can get the album right here on a pay-what-you-want basis. You may also want to check out his other stuff since he has been singing/playing for many years under his real name Austin Crane. It was a solo project that finally became a band but “kept the same name for a reason or another” says Austin. It’s worth more than a visit in my opinion.

Joseph – Valley Maker

NOW, The National has also healed my poor ears with the High Violet album. Matt Berninger has such a wonderful voice. A low and deep voice that makes everything so light and easy :) If you haven’t already, go check out their site. The pictures on their home page are crazy (click to change, FB style).

Conversation 16 – The National [Removed by request]

A little psychedelicious part for this post. Caribou is awesome. His album Swim is filled with songs that will make your head explode, not from intense electro stuff though but from his crazy ideas. He is incredible at making music and sounds fit with a very bizarre but cool mood. He blew my miiiiiiind.

Odessa – Caribou

That’s all folks ! Hope this musical material will make your life easier or better or happier or just more complete … I leave you on a last song from my heroes. A song that makes me happier even if it’s sad as hell (Queen’s most awesome side).

Save Me – Queen