Motorcycle Chicks Do It Better

I’m the type to take my imagination to create these utopic moments where everything is possible. I like to think I live in these moments, and many friends and family members often criticize me by saying that I live my life like a movie. I like to mix music, pictures, videos, smells, and create a moment.

For example, I found myself telling someone I want a motorcycle. There are so many reasons.

This being one;

This being another;

But especially this one;

For photoshoots, for the wind in my hair, for body proximity, for the leather, for the smell, for the noise, for the roadtrips, for the screaming, for the stylishness, for the parisienne in me, for the danger, for the heat, for the summer, for the freckles, for the rush


Often, I find myself extremely inspired by other artists. Recently I’ve been watching many movies and commercials who delivered inspiration for the kind of moments I was writing about earlier. And it’s the songs who really got to me;

FIRST, a Shick Quattro for Women commercial:

Download here: I’m Not the Girl (by LMNTL, feat. Angela McCluskey)


SECOND, a Perrier commercial:
(the video is very sexy as well)

Download here: Waves (by Camille)


THIRD, from “Stealing Beauty”:
(an extremely sensual track)

Download here: Glory Box (by Portishead)


FOURTH, from “Romanzo Criminale” ‘s dvd menu:
(by the way of you’re thirsy for a good old italian mafia-ish action movie, this one is amazing)

Download here: Ballroom Blitz (by The Sweet)

Here’s the trailer to the movie, who stars my new male obsession Kim Rossi Stuart (who plays Il Freddo):


And FIFTH, which, to my greatest regret, I forgot where I heard it from…but it sounds to me like a very intense sex scene or action sequel!

Download here: You make me feel (by Archive)


Don’t forget to give your senses a memory so you can go back to the moments you feel.