Back From The Dead / DayDreaming

No I won’t be talking about Michael Jackson even if the first anniversary of his death was 2 days ago and that we only hear about him everywhere….

You know how things can happen so randomly sometimes, people call that a coincidence. Well that’s what happened when I was looking for an album from a Montreal based band called Valleys (still looking). I found myself with search results that looked more like this : Valleys Of Neptune.

Red House – Jimi Hendrix

” -Yo Med, what are you listening to these days ?

  • The new one from Jimi Hendrix man !

-Wtf… Jimi’s dead…”

Thanks for the info… Anyways ! I figured out most of the tracks are just rereleases from older albums, but there IS some new stuff, AND the old stuff is always good ;)

Crying Blue Rain – Jimi Hendrix

Here’s the only track I found from the actual Valleys I was looking for originally. I really like it, it’s from Montreal and they released an album called Sometimes Water Kills People that is pretty awesome from what I’ve heard.

7 Silent Woods – Valleys

Daydream, I fell asleep amid the flowers
for a couple of hours on a beautiful day

Pretty well known lyrics aren’t they ? Well I thought so too when I was looking for the original song… Daydream from Wallace Collection was the first version released in 1968. During my research I stumbled upon a few other versions from I Monster and the Gunter Kallman Choir, but the one that surprised me the most was Lupe’s version. His gangsta lyrics on this slow and dreamy song was pretty…. special. He made it all clear in the end.

Daydreamin’ (ft. Jill Scott) – Lupe Fiasco

There’s crooked police that’s stationed at the knees
And they do drive-bys like up and down the thighs
And there’s a car chase goin on at the waist
Keep a vest on my chest
I’m sittin in my room as I’m lookin out the face
Somethin to write about
I still got some damage from fightin the whitehouse, just a daydream

-Lupe Fiasco