MADE WITH LOVE – In memory of Alexander McQueen

Ahhhh Alexander McQueen. I don’t think words can express how fragile any human being’s life is, and how losing great visionaries can greatly affect the scene they’re part of.

In this case, Alexander McQueen inspired local Montrealers Brooke Rutherford and Pierre-Olivier Trempe to plan a charity event in the name of MADE WITH LOVE in collaboration with LabCréatif for the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Designers such as Cluc Couture, Helmer, Héricher, Jean-Paul Corbeil and Kristel Chiara are going to create looks inspired by Alexander McQueen’s style, live, in front of the public, who will likely be sipping cocktails, chatting, and enjoying good music. I’m going to be participating in this event, so it would mean a lot if it became a success! You can clic HERE for tickets!


If you’re interested in more information on the event,
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To finish off, here a few of McQueens masterpieces;


Hope to see you there!