Italo Australian

Aeroplane released a mashup of the most listened song on my iTunes ; they did a remix that I posted a while back of Paris by Friendly Fires featuring Au Revoir Simone. The name Friendly Fires was chosen from the now old school Always Now EP of Section 25 but it also brings back to me memories of “Everybody knows it’s gonna happen Only not tonight” by the Go Find:

Ooh, let me take you back
To the 90s
When we were teens
Oh, no mountain caps
Or a friendly fire
But secret desire

Back on the topic, they mashed up Crave You by Flight Facilities with the earlier made aeroplane edit. Giselle Rosselli is featured on that track and they mainly used her lyrics on top of the great melody she built up. I might be going crazy, but the instrumental samples used in the Flight Facilities track are the same than on the Roland TR 909 that I messed with months ago. The mashup was released fifteen days ago on soundcloud and they did a major breakthrough with more than 30k listeners. Enjoy this italo-sound with an australian twist.

Flight Facilities ft. Giselle – Crave You

I Crave Paris – Aeroplane vs Friendly Fires vs Flight Facilities