This Week is LIVE – Upcoming Shows

Hey guys !

Since we are receiving loads of emails and…well… have a life, we are sometimes late on the answers. Sorry for all of those who didn’t get any.

Now, we have received an email recently about the next shows in Montreal and this week is gonna be pretty awesome.

Wednesday, July 21st : Groove Attic and La Strada @ les 3 Minots – 8:30pm

Groove Attic is a great funky band from Montreal. Their music is so groooooovaaayyyy they are worth a listen in my opinion. I’ve heard that they are pretty awesome live ;) They are playing with La Strada from Broooklyyyyn (damn right). La Strada has a very nice style. Check out their myspace if you don’t know them. I really love their music. “Drawing on Jungian archetypes, folk tales and Franco-Baltic harmonies, La Strada offers up the best of the New York indie scene: interesting music made by talented people who have a point of view and a love for what they do.”The Huffington Post

Thursday, July 22nd : Five Alarm Funk and Bananafish with The Thanya, Emilie and Ali Band @ Divan Orange – 8:30pm

My personal favorite this week. Five Alarm Funk is a band from Vancouver that has the best style ever. A funky kind of music that will make you dance your ass off. Give their myspace a listen because you will get blown away. They are playing with Bananafish, a local band that mixes instruments in a pretty awesome way. They have a jazzy/progressive style that has to be beautiful in concert. The last band is another local creation. The Tanya, Emilie and Ali Band have this soothing indie acoustic style that we all love. They will all be there at Divan Orange this Thursday. Check out the BookFace event.

Friday, July 23rd : This Invention Matters and Royal Canoe @ 3 Minots – 8:30pm

Last show of the week featuring another local band : This Invention Matters. An pop band that makes me think about the bands we used to listen to when we were younger. They will be playing live with a Winnipeg based band Royal Canoe. These guys have some awesome songs, check them out on myspace (link above). Another funky style that meets afro-beat to make a inspiring style.

All of those shows are organized by Indie Montreal. Go to their site to have all the info you need about the upcoming shows. The tickets to the shows are all under 10$ so GO CHECK IT OUT !

We will be getting some tickets for the other shows coming at the end of the month so get ready for a little ticket giveaway guys :)

Here’s a little song for you guys who are waiting for Osheaga to come :)

Inuit Wedding – Pawa Up First