Sailing To Nowhere – Broken Bells

Right now I wish I could be… sailing to nowhere would be the most elegant solution to my situation. A great escape into the wild. My choice isn’t too far from this though. Leaving for a few days to the Canadian countryside, relaxing in a roundhouse cabin on the Lac Saint-Jean will make everything better, I know it.

Another great thing will be waiting for me when I come back : Osheaga Festival (tickets still available BTW). Planning on going alone for a second year, music will be my only friend (eeeeemo). So many incredible bands that I discovered through this blog will be attending this year’s festival and I have the strong feeling that it will be epic.

Beach House was the band that I wanted to see live at the very start. Their style reminded me of the old bands of the 60s with their dreamy music. Psychedelicious shiiiite :) Since I’ve always dreamt of being at the ’69 Woodstock Fest, this was the closest I could get for the moment …still very, VERY, freaking far… :(

Zebra – Beach House

But then I went DEEPER into the band list and found out about… The Morning Benders (GOD YES), The Black Keys, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (:D), The National (ZOMG), Horse Feathers, Major Lazer (their last show in Montreal was insane), Snoop Dogg (never saw him live), We Are Wolves, Metric, Pawa Up First

Now would be the time to post the biggest mashup of all those bands but I WON’T… because it would sound like shit :) Soooo I will just tell all you guys from Montreal and around to BUY SOME TICKETS FOR THIS AWESOME FESTIVAL ! Seriously, live music in the warmth of summer is such a wonderful experience. And it’s a good way of MAYBE meeting some bands (we never know what surprise life has in its pockets for YOU). It’s also a great way of discovering some new bands !

So, I’ll see you guys there :)