Pukkelpop Requiescat In Pace Charles

Just came back from brussels and there was the belgium music festival Pukkelpop with bands like Iron Maiden, Placebo, Soulwax, Deadmau5, Blink 182, Boys Noize, Bloody Beetroots, Pendulum […] Dreamy setup huh ? Not so onirical when you hear about backstage story of the well-known british band Ou Est Le Swimming Pool.

[via PerezHilton]

There truly are no words.

22 year old Charles Haddon of the band Ou Est Le Swimming Pool commit suicide Friday night after he jumped off a telecommunications mast and into a parking lot at the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium.

This news comes in the same week that a man jumped to his death at a Swell Season concert.

Unbelievably awful and tragic.

Our thoughts our with the families and all the people who had to witness such a horrific event.