Two step with me ?

William Darhy

Photo by William Darhy

I was browsing the maddecent blog in search of some bagners but couldn’t find a sound that fits this 1st day of class mood […] until I stumbled on this comment.

I worked some google magic and here it is in your headphones. You might as well start a new playlist on iTunes to get this baby ready to burn on a CD. This is noblog for dead baby jokes.

Tipsy (Mahesautara Bootleg) – J-Kwon

No introduction needed for Sizzla Kalonji and Sharkslayer, but one is needed for the two of them on one track. Unfortunately I ain’t got background story on that song so it’s pretty much a sick violin instrumental with my favorite reggae voice on it.

The Agenda f. Sizzla (Sharkslayer Riddim Mix) – Jamtech Foundation

Video/Song by Joey Classic

I was on a Sizzla frenzy and posted his “Give me a try” original mix weeks ago but this one is based on the Rihanna featuring track and not the original one. I love how she steps in with her rhymes and destroys Sizzla’s hope to make it work between the two of them.

Give Me A Try ft. Rihanna (Dumbsteppaz Remix) – Sizzla

Im gonna take you there
Let this be the last time
Im gonna make your life so clear
Boy, must be out your mind

Give me a try …
Cause i …
Know that …
Things will be great .

Dont waste your time
Dont you cry the game is done

Nicki Minaj was a fucking BEAST on that track! First time I have ever called a woman a beast and meant it as a compliment. Everyone was on point though.

Monster (feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Bon Iver, Nicki Minaj) – Kanye West

I have problem posting on this blog without including an aeroplane song if you haven’t noticed yet.

Superstar (The Krays remix) – Aeroplane