As the title says, there will be a very …

As the title says, there will be a very violent crime committed in Montreal on Wednesday night. This crime is called BASS DRIVE and will be located at Belmont.

DUBSTEP FANS LISTEN UP ! Bar9 will be performing at Belmont this wednesday night for the cheap cost of 10$. Think about it… getting your ears blown out for 10$ is freaking worth it ! For the people who aren’t very informed on the dubstep scene, Bar9 are crazy. Dubstep duo from England, their tracks are so violent you’ll be filled with bass for a month. Here’s some tracks you may wanna listen to :

Midnight – Bar 9

A little (lol) remix they did of a Kickstart track :

DAYUUUUM ! I know, but that’s not it !

A friend of mine will be playing before : Victor Hacala. Don’t underestimate the local scene people because this man is a sickass musician, DJ and dub producer. His tracks are crazy and will make you go DAMN !! He used to be resident at Warehouse, played many times at Koï and played before Flux Pavillon and Datsik at Foufs not so long ago and he will now make you all BOOOUUNNCCEEE at Belmont. Keep an eye out for this man, he even plays live guitar and bass on stage (insane, I know).

Usual Suspects (Welcome To The Zoo) – Victor Hacala

Remember people, Wednesday September 29th @ Belmont. Be there, it’s a MUST (school stuff isn’t an excuse ;) ) And stop talkin’ shit about Dubstep, you know you like it :)