Low Keys ; Low Club & Baile Funk

I’m still in the low keys style this week but I brought you some new beat makers ; they all have a smooth/slow but hard bassline that I find relaxing but still banging. Heads up for Fulgeance, Betas, Tokimonsta & Brotherhood Crusade because those guys are going big.

Glamoure – Fulgeance

Quest (Low Limit Remix) – Nosaj Thing

Rabbits – Betas

Horizontal Figuration (Tokimonsta Remix) – Take

Oh, for those who enjoyed last week baile funk we still got some of that with Kid Conga, Ophex and Leo Justi jammin’ on that bongo.

“Baile funk, in Rio, refers not to the music, but to the actual parties or discothèques in which the music is played. Although originated in Rio, funk carioca has become increasingly popular amongst (mainly) low classes in other parts of Brazil. In the whole country, funk carioca is most often simply known as funk, although it is very different musically from what funk means in most other places.” wikipedia

Dunno Riddim (Kid Conga Remix Instrumental) – Leo Justi

A380 (Ophex Remix) – Mark Splinter

Chat posted that Sensual Summer Playlist a while back and I’m continuing her post with a glitchy remix of Quest – Nosaj Thing by Low Limit. While studying at Starbucks I kept hearing the same songs over and over again (no harsh feeling my bad). “You’ll Never See My Face Again” by the Bee Gees is one I enjoyed because of it being in the pre-disco years.

Hey – Pixies

My Chain (Brotherhood Crusade Remix feat. $tellarMovement!) – Gucci Mane

Hustlin’ (Betas Remix) – Rick Ross

Sweet Like Chocolate (Original Mix) – Kid Kaio & Artistic Raw

You’ll Never See My Face Again – Bee Gees

Nobody Home – Pink Floyd