Nowadays… Emotions


Emotions emotions emotions, all day everyday… In my head, out of it, flying everywhere you go, all around you… Some people call those “God” because they are with every single person on earth…


I was very happy to stumble upon two artists that I really appreciate on the Blogothèque french blog. I already talked about their concept in an older post. It’s pretty simple, they invite the best artists to do some “take away shows” for a bunch of lucky people (I wish I was one of them).

So ! I found two live songs from The Morning Benders and Aloe Blacc. The one from The Morning Benders was supposed to be released on their Big Echo album but they didn’t have time to record it. They played it for the few lucky people who were attending their “take away show” in Paris last summer AND… well aren’t we lucky they also posted it online for the fans :D

Oh Annie (Live) – The Morning Benders

And here’s the too much remixed song I Need A Dollar from Aloe Blacc played around a table in a small restaurant in Paris with fingers snapping and his groovy voice.

I Need A Dollar (Live) – Aloe Blacc


Two more songs that, this time, brought me satisfaction. Directly taken from the Dark Was The Night playlist (it’s amazing…incredible…magnificient).

The first one is from Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner. A beautiful duo that soothes my mind, sometimes my pain and now the cold which is starting to get a little too comfortable around here. I have always loved Justin’s voice, it takes me to places I can’t really go with my body so I use my mind …

Big Red Machine – Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner

The next one is from Andrew Bird, an artist that I didn’t know until I listened to this incredible song. A very calm and soothing voice once again. Everytime I listen to this song I feel good, cool, a smile is slowly drawn on my face. It’s a must hear for everybody.

The Giant Of Illinois – Andrew Bird


She always seems heartbroken when she sings about love… Taken from a classic, Julia Stone covers You’re The One That I Want which is usually sung by Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson. At first I didn’t think I would like her version of this Grease song but I was greatly surprised. It’s amazing… So much emotion, the song takes a brand new meaning… AND I was dressed as Mr Zuko for Halloween… ;)

You’re The One That I Want (Grease cover) – Angus & Julia Stone

What ?! Fistful of Mercy‘s album is out and I didn’t even hear it ? Daaammnnn. Yeah, I was late for this one too… Beautiful album. Those three musical geniuses made it in 3 days… It’s amazing (who would have thought less). I didn’t like the song they chose to sing on Jimmy Fallon’s late show though. Here’s an instrumental song I really enjoyed. They’re all so good with their guitars, it makes me cry…

30 Bones – Fistful Of Mercy


Yes, sadness is part of my life. Some songs are responsible for that sadness sometimes. Some just make it easier and others make me remember some hard parts of my life. The song I Was Young When I Left Home sang by Antony from Antony and the Johnsons is beautiful. Like chat likes to say, this man looks like he is crying everytime he sings. It seems like he has suffered so much his tears are now part of his voice… Listen to this one and you will understand what I mean…

I Was Young When I Left Home – Antony and Bryce Dessner

Sadness can darken the future but the most important thing is to have faith, to hope and to see the light in all that darkness….