Moombahton ; Tribal & Classical Step

I’m still tergiversating trough the music I love and I guess that is a good thing. Now try mixing those tracks and you get yourself a headache. It took me all night to find those but it was worth it. ZitanB’s ‘Lone Maya’ is a “Classical Tribal Trip Step” aka ambient music released this week that makes you want to light it up and lay back. It is made up of bootleg samples from: Diabate (West Africa Unwired), Isaac Stern (Violin), Jacqueline du Pre (Cello), and others.

Lone Maya – ZitanB

Second one on my list is the refix of a remix (makes me thinks of vocals “this is the refix inside the remix” but I can’t recall the song) : DJ Globa made that smooth tribal mashup of his production ‘Zoum Zoum Riddim’ and ‘Shake it to the Ground’s’ Rye Rye acapella. Then he uploaded the file and asked for collaboration on that one. Murkules did refix that song and there goes the result. When I first listened to DJ Globa’s I knew there was something missing and Murkules stepped in.

Tupac is the rapper no one can say shit on ; he is a legend. ‘Do for love’ was unreleased with the title ‘Sucka for love’ which is still available. Vodka and Milk made a good but too high bpm for the smooth vocals, it reached the popular page of hypem. Bart B More’s Brap song makes me think of Nuage Eliott’s remix of Mr. Oizo ‘Bleue’.

Do For Love – Tupac

Brap (Original Mix) – Bart B More

Lets go back in the 80s clubbin’ with some swaggalicious moves + we have another remix of Nosaj Thing by Boreta. I was thinking of the incoming igloofest and Drop The Lime popped in my mind so I bring back those memories with an unclassifiable remix of Canblaster.

Video Kick Snare (Dada Life Remix) – Staygold

Coat of Arms (Boreta Remix) – Nosaj Thing

Hot As Hell (Canblaster Remix) – Drop The Lime

Some aggressive “Moombahcore” to finish you guys off.

Where’s My Money (Caspa Remix – Munchi’s Kinda Agressive Right Now Moombahcore Remix) – TC

It’s that magic time, once a day
No matter how horrible the day was, something happens
The sky starts to darken and the city turns orange
Magical orange that puts a smile in our hearts
It’s that time that makes the night welcomed.