Don’t drink with moderation.

I was listening to that song one year ago because of Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter. A lot of people already pointed this out : the song/the girl/the camera shots are pure hotness. To whoever is out there : do you like bass ?

I’ll Get You (Gigamesh Remix) – CLASSIXX

I’m no fan of mashups or multiple edits but that one is a must have. It sounds more like a pre-made mix you could play while mixing so you get time to fill up your glass ; that might be why he named it bootleg instead of mashup. This song was introduced to me by DJ Pekas on “The New Workout Plan” mix that you can find below the post.

Mutfakta Chants (Nick Svenson Bootleg) – Chuckie & Gregori Klosman vs Chocolate Puma

Once in a while I enjoy listening to old school songs and see what are the new remixes. This is a good way to find new artists that actually take time to give you feedback and help you out. Danktra is a solid producer so check out his songs ; definitely a car banger

In Da Club (Danktra Remix) – 50 Cent

Remixing your own songs give you a step ahead of everyone and more flexibility in your mixes. I’m not a fan of Hyper Crush considering they are a pop machine but I always give their songs a listen. Once again this is from DJ Pekas.

Kick Us Out (Hyper Crush Remix) – Hyper Crush

Hope you guys got more luck with the eclipse than I did ; all I could see were clouds.

Right on time with last night’s lunar eclipse (referring to the original videoclip), Bjork’s ‘Dull flame of desire’ is kinda hard to remix. Even doh they titled this remix “for girls”, I find it way more manly than the original one. Give some time for the song to build up / enjoy.

Dull flame of desire (Modeselektor’s remix for girls) – Bjork

Latin house? Sway has too many remixes to recall but that song can be a badass drop into a mix. Put some pressure on Pristine Blusters so they can get their Rio De Janeiro ass in Montreal.

Sway – Pristine Blusters

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The New Workout Plan by DJ Pekas

Kanye West – “Workout Plan”
Hyper Crush – “Kick Us Out (Hyper Crush Remix)”
Tonic – “Tonic – Bad Girl (Original Mix)”
Chuckie & Gregori Klosman vs Chocolate Puma – “Mutfakta Chants (Nick Svenson Bootleg)”
Mike Posner – “Cooler Than Me (Jistortion Remix)”
Loopers – “Ghetto 2010 (Artistic Raw Remix)”
R3hab & Ferruccio Salvo – “Keep Up For Your Love (Club Mix)”
Damianito DJ – “I Got My Eye On You Re Edit”
Laserkraft 3D – “Nein Mann (Kevstar & Demian Ngo Dutch Bootleg)”

Happy Holidays from the team.