So long, Twenty-Ten; Where I’m bound, I can’t tell…

The New Year sets in tomorrow night and marks for many what is commonly referred to as a “turning point”. A milestone, if you will. An event which, in the big scheme of things, does nothing to break seemingly continuous spacetime, but to human perception appears important. And those things often make you want to look back at the road you’ve traveled up to that point. Turning 18, marriage, someone’s death, missing Occupation Double… they all do that to you. So apart from adequately paraphrasing ol’ Dylan, what have I accomplished I can be proud of this year?


Well, the best I’ve been able to come up with is that the other day, I got to dress up as a chocolate maker and hand out chocolate in a store. Sad. But I have extras!

So. For one box of Swiss chocolate, who can accurately name the song I’ma post right here? I’ma bring it to ya if ya live in Montreal! And I’ma stop saying “I’ma”.

Comments away! Not only d’ya get a box o’ chocolates, but LIFE is like a box o’ chocolates. “Ya never know what yer gonna get”… but now you do: a box o’ chocolates.