Titles are overrated.

Musical activities lack any obvious survival value. Why then is music so pervasive in human life? Music appears to be a pure pleasure technology, a cocktail of recreational drugs that we ingest through the ear to stimulate a mass of pleasure circuits at once. 1) music has prosody-like properties, and the brain rewards the analysis of prosodic signals (patterns of linguistic rhythm and intonation) because prosody is an important component of language; 2) music is rich in harmonic sounds (sounds in which frequency components are integer multiples of some fundamental frequency), and the brain rewards the analysis of such sounds because harmonicity is an acoustic cue used to identify sound sources, an important part of auditory scene analysis; 3) music can evoke strong emotions because it contains pitch and rhythm patterns that resemble our species’ emotional calls, and 4) because it contains sound patterns reminiscent of evocative environmental sounds (e.g. “safe” or “unsafe” sounds, such as thunder, wind, or growls); 5) musical rhythm engenders rhythmic movement (e.g., in dance), and such movement is rewarded by the brain because rhythmic motor patterns are associated with biologically meaningful behaviors, such as walking, running, or digging.”- as written by Aniruddh Patel, ideas of Darwin & Pinker.

From Boba Threat : “A WORD ON MY ‘SAMPLING’: i used many different sounds that i lifted from many different records. if i had done this for an original track, that may or may not be a thing to be frowned upon. but ultimately, this is a bootleg. it’s just a mild re-visioning of the original. when making this, my first priority was to make something that honors TPR, ghosts of venice, sneak and van helden, and the other artists i sampled.

p.s. if you can ID the other records i sampled, you deserve a no-prize.”

A Better Day (Boba Threat’s I’ve Learned to Cope With Bad Days Bootyleg) – The Phantom’s Revenge

image by ~esthermyla.

Steve Aoki & Sidney Samson – Wake Up (PeaceTreaty Remix)

Aria (Pre-Released Sample) – Rockwell

Rekohu Sunrise (Pre-Released Sample) – Rockwell x Untold

Red Light (feat. Amanda Love) – Gigamesh

Silver – Bonobo

Passin Me By (Hot Chip Remix Instrumental) – The Pharcyde