Low keys again ; Cool Title

The turntable hacked up a melancholy blues
The air was heavy with dust and odors
Several zazous danced while holding to their hearts
Short girls with spasmodic behinds

Derezzed – Daft Punk

Fighting Fire (Foamo remix) – Breakage

Ronny, Bobby – Brotherhood Crusade

In a closet, an amateur obstetrics couple
Delivered themselves to games full of art and naivete
Another in a corner attempted with ardor
Tonsil-coupling, to music.

Can Of Cancun – Stray

Blue Lights (dBridge Remix) – Panic Girl

Tomorrow (Alister Johnson’s Dub? Step? Mix) – Julie C

Hands encountered one another under too-short skirts
Drunk, two lovebirds—(what if I said: two dodos?)
Looked everywhere for a bed; they were all full…

Feeling Good (Catalist Feelin’ Remix) – Nina Simone

American Mourning – Bikini

Castles In The Snow (Com Truise Remix) – Twin Shadow

Move (Drumstep Mix) – Figure and Will Bailey

Let this happy youth screw itself
Why eradicate from them this impure manure
If their hope restricts itself to rubbing membranes?

Boris Vian