Goodbye America

3 days left…

Haven’t posted in a while… One reason : trip. Leaving for about 6 months around the Mediterranean sea with a backpack and myself. Can’t really think straight since I’m leaving in 4 days and the situation in Egypt (I’m landing there) is getting pretty crazy. Will I see Egypt ? I dearly hope so.

Beauty – The Shivers

Here is a song I found on another blog that I find… well… magnificent. Nothing special about the voice, nothing special about the melody, but it just fits together so beautifully. Here is the blog too : SYNESTHESIA. Photographies and music… enough said. Here is a little myspace profile for those who don’t know The Shivers. Their other songs are not so different from Beauty, so go ahead and have a look.

Your Head Is On Fire – Broken Bells

Three words : Too Much Weed.

Kinda had an overdose (not that it’s possible) in the last weeks… But damn when I listen to that song, it’s just… I don’t know I have the feeling that I’m floating IN the song…

Broken Bells really make me go crazy with their insane album. I REALLY hope that they are going to show up one day in Montreal and I won’t know and just end up passing by the Metropolis and hear a scalper saying in a low voice (I don’t get it, are they trying to be subtile ? DOESN’T WORK!) “Hey, Broken Bells tickets, the show is sold out, want one?”. I’ll be looking at him with a spliff in my mouth : “How much…?” thinking of a price around 100$. “Well, just give me the rest of that blunt and I’ll give you my last one”… Hell of a deal !

Coming Home – Elmore James

Aaaaah the good ol’ sound of blues. Will never get tired of this music. Here the long gone Elmore James sings us a song about the way back home. YES, I will be coming back home and I hope that on this day, I will know…


P.S. I’ve always been in love with cello…