S. O. L.

Yesterday, Montreal was teased by the short-lived presence of a familiar celestial figure. Personally, I was gettin’ my tan on as I walked to school, coat slung over my right shoulder: there’s nothing like the feeling of el sol toasting the back of your neck, all the while gleaming over a melting scenery left by months of snow and sub-zero temperatures. Brazilian airs whistled out of my lips, ecstatic to poke out of their hibernation.

And then night came. Rain. And morning. Rain.

SOL turned into ‘Shit Out of Luck’.

Here is some brazilian music by artists mostly from the Música Popular Brasileira movement. Even if the songs aren’t sun-themed, they should serve as appropriate invocations on the sole premiss that they come from Brazil. I hear that if you play and share them enough, solar divinities are appeased and show lenience to our reasonable demands for Vitamin D…

Here’s one by the legendary Caetano Veloso in response to TouchMe’s posting of a Jackson cover:

Here’s one by the Queen of MPB, Elis Regina:

Here’s one by Chico Buarque with a beachy setting:

Antonio Carlos Jobim’s famous standard played by Gilberto:

And a David Bowie cover for the movie The Life Aquatic by my favorite Brazilian: