Dream as if you’ll live forever ; Live as if you’ll die today

Got some time off to finally build a decent length playlist of my usual music style : low keys, funky club beats, experimental, disco […] but like someone recently tagged his song on soundcloud : genres are for journalists. Thus, just let it flow and listen to a song all the way through. This playlist is all about that considering they each have a different style and a different mood. And as for the quote in this title, some of you will recall this saying by James Dean but he surely wasn’t the first one to state the obvious. You guys can see it the way you want it and this is what quotes are for but to me it’s a carpe diem euphemism. The point being: yes do live your life to the fullest but keep a certain path to where you would like to be ; not restrictions but mostly a guide.

Enough with the philosophy over dead people, enjoy.

The whole playlist:

or track by track as you prefer :
Run The Night Vs Wilhelm Scream (Dan Aux VIP Party Edit) – Tonight Only, James Blake

lluvia (Sazon Booya Moombahton) – Mr. Vega & Mystereo

Babylon – Congorock

Me Tarzan You Jane (Emynd Remix) – Sabbo

Feelings For You (Treasure Fingers remix) – Avicii & Sebastien Drums

Breakfast (Mercury Remix) – Le Le

Nuyoricana – The Kobra Kai feat. the Same Vision

Saeglopur (Crash Overdrive Remix) – Sigur Ros

Playing Parties (Madlib remix) – Daedelus

Insomnia pt.1 – JUJ

Dutch Canadian – Elaquent

Don’t You – AEROPSIA

Sirens (2 Deep Samir’s on Drum$ !?! Remix) – Scott Matelic