Real music, real talent, real discoveries

What can I say…

Here I am, back in Montreal after 6 months of running around the world with my (now lost) backpack. The blog is still standing, the music is still flowing, I’m happy. What have I seen during this trip some may ask ? Way too much for me to start describing on the blog, but what I’ve heard, that I can share with you guys.

The village where I was staying was a refugee point for a lot of Tibetan monks. Photo by Joel Suganth

One artist in India was leading the enormous trance scene (the Israelis brought the trance to India, it’s everywhere in the country now) and is creating some pretty insane beats. His name, a lot of people know it, is Shpongle. The track right here, Nothing Is Something Worth Doing, is a beautiful mix of beats and magnificient instruments, mostly the Hang drum, an instrument I was very lucky to hear and see live while I was traveling India. Never have I heard such a sound, it reminds me of flowing water (don’t ask me why, my brain has been scarred by this trip). Just give it a listen, it’s amazing and the title of this track is just perfect, the lifestyle of India.

Nothing Is Something Worth Doing – Shpongle

During my travels, I was lucky enough to be able to buy a cheap guitar in Istanbul and keep it with me until the very end of my trip. As a matter of fact, I was even able to bring it back to Montreal. I jammed a lot while I was running around and played with a lot of different people from all over the world. The thing that I liked the most was playing with people who had instruments I had never heard. During the trip, I tried the mandolin, the oud, the didgeridoo, the djembe, the tabla, the bansuri and many more instruments that completely blew my mind.Here is a little video of a japanese man named Koji that I saw playing the didgeridoo many times… so full of talent (he also plays the hang drum, check out his youtube channel).


NOW, I HAVE to post this song that Jeesus (it’s funny how right now I’m the one who looks like Jesus physically but he is the one named Jeesus…) showed me, an amazing song, quality electronic music like you don’t hear everyday… It’s from Flying Lotus and it’s gonna get your swag on bitches ! Just give it a go and you’ll see what I mean, you too will FEEEeeel that shit.

Do The Astral Plane – Flying Lotus