We Bad, Bad to the Bone

Almost done…

DAMN ! That TV Show is driving me completely insane!! I’ve watched 3 seasons of Breaking Bad in the last week and it is EPIC. This whole story of a boring father/chemistry teacher starting to cook meth and run over people with his car after being diagnosed with lung cancer… It’s pretty crazy, but MAN do I like it. Anyways, apart from the TV show itself, I’ve heard some pretty sweet songs in a few episodes that I wanted to share with you guys. So here it is

Waiting Around To Die – The Be Good Tanyas

Magic Arrow – Timber Timbre

If you guys haven’t heard it already, The Shivers that I talked about before leaving on my epic journey around the world released a new album called More. As always, it is special, a unique kind of sound that only this band can produce. It’s worth a listen I think, didn’t find a song like Beauty, but there is still some quality sound in there.

Love Is In The Air – The Shivers

While I was gone, a lot of bands I love released some albums that are not bad at all (Lykke Li, Radiohead, Bon Iver, blablabla), but I was very shocked to learn that the bassist of TV on the Radio died of lung cancer 9 days after the release of their last album Nine Types Of Light. Good album in general, as I said for The Shivers there’s nothing I fell in love straight away with like in the times of Staring at the Sun, but I’m still enjoying it ! Very sad for the death of Gerard Smith… the band will never be the same with a member gone for good…  R.I.P. my friend…

Killer Crane – TV on the Radio

La finale, it’s always important to finish STRONG, so there you have it. The strongest, a classic past, present and future.

Riders On The Storm – The Doors