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  • TouchME 2:39 pm on June 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: daydream, daydreamin', jimi hendrix, lupe fiasco, sometimes water kills people, valleys, valleys of neptune, wallace collection   

    Back From The Dead / DayDreaming 

    No I won’t be talking about Michael Jackson even if the first anniversary of his death was 2 days ago and that we only hear about him everywhere….

    You know how things can happen so randomly sometimes, people call that a coincidence. Well that’s what happened when I was looking for an album from a Montreal based band called Valleys (still looking). I found myself with search results that looked more like this : Valleys Of Neptune.

    Red House – Jimi Hendrix

    ” -Yo Med, what are you listening to these days ?

    • The new one from Jimi Hendrix man !

    -Wtf… Jimi’s dead…”

    Thanks for the info… Anyways ! I figured out most of the tracks are just rereleases from older albums, but there IS some new stuff, AND the old stuff is always good ;)

    Crying Blue Rain – Jimi Hendrix

    Here’s the only track I found from the actual Valleys I was looking for originally. I really like it, it’s from Montreal and they released an album called Sometimes Water Kills People that is pretty awesome from what I’ve heard.

    7 Silent Woods – Valleys

    Daydream, I fell asleep amid the flowers
    for a couple of hours on a beautiful day

    Pretty well known lyrics aren’t they ? Well I thought so too when I was looking for the original song… Daydream from Wallace Collection was the first version released in 1968. During my research I stumbled upon a few other versions from I Monster and the Gunter Kallman Choir, but the one that surprised me the most was Lupe’s version. His gangsta lyrics on this slow and dreamy song was pretty…. special. He made it all clear in the end.

    Daydreamin’ (ft. Jill Scott) – Lupe Fiasco

    There’s crooked police that’s stationed at the knees
    And they do drive-bys like up and down the thighs
    And there’s a car chase goin on at the waist
    Keep a vest on my chest
    I’m sittin in my room as I’m lookin out the face
    Somethin to write about
    I still got some damage from fightin the whitehouse, just a daydream

    -Lupe Fiasco

    • Kris.G 5:22 pm on June 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Hmm… I think Lupe is being more poetic than you even realize. If you are unfamiliar with his body of work, I can understand why you feel about that verse but if you know Lupe, you’d realize that verse is actually his commentary on the whole hip hop scene. Lupe is one of the farthest from “gansta” rappers out there and he’s actually extremely poetic and has great wordplay. It’s ashame you didn’t mention his entire first verse which is one giant metaphor relating life to a robot. One other thing is that those 4 lines are the stereotypical opening of a verse that Lupe uses to criticize the message in other rappers songs.

      “But not too loud cause the baby’s sleepin’
      I wonder if it knows what the world is keepin’
      Up both sleeves while he lay there dreamin’
      Me and my robot tip-toe ’round creepin’
      I had to turn my back on what got you paid
      I couldn’t see, had the hood on me like Abu Graib
      But I’d like to thank the streets that drove me crazy
      And all the televisions out there that breaks me”

      Sidenote: did your research in this area have anything to do with my post: http://bridgingtheverse.com/2010/06/10/throwback-thursday-wallace-collection/

      • TouchME 12:46 am on June 28, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        I’m not very familiar with the hip hop scene and the style of different rappers. Your comment just helped me understand all of it a lil better.
        I did find your post which helped me understand the evolution of this song (I found it last after some research).
        Thanks for taking the time to explain this to me :)
        We need more rappers that actually have a message. Those mainstream gangstas aren’t really teaching us anything…

        • Kris.G 11:59 am on June 28, 2010 Permalink

          Cool man.

          Another great lyricist in hip hop is Saul Williams if you’re interested. He started out as a def jam poet way before breaking into the hip hop scene and I find his work very amazing. Thanks for responding to my comment. I appreciate it.

        • TouchME 12:52 pm on June 28, 2010 Permalink

          Always interested in new music.
          I’ll check this out man.
          Thanks for the info :)

        • falsereprise 2:34 pm on June 28, 2010 Permalink

          saul williams… you’ve heard him before though, touchme! he’s done a track with blackalicious that was used in a bike movie we listened to… very insightful indeed!

        • falsereprise 2:46 pm on June 28, 2010 Permalink

          And to anyone who dismisses hip hop’s ability to be poetic, theres : Aesop Rock, Guru, Blackalicious, Lyrics Born, Black Milk, Mos Def, Peanut Butter Wolf, Jay Lib, Madlib, Deltron aka Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Eyedea & Abilites, Dead Prez, Chali 2na and Jurassic 5, K-OS, Immortal Technique at times, NAS, Talib Kweli, GZA, Socalled, Cannibal Ox, Common, Kanser, Damu and y society, Dilated Peoples, just to name a few.

          Besides, poetry is intimately linked to subjective sensitivity of certain aspects of diverse phenomena… i.e., one can see poetry in many more things than those labeled ”poetry”. as an example, a certain DJ Huot might find dirty south quite moving in a reverse kind of way whilst we might not!

        • TouchME 3:16 pm on June 28, 2010 Permalink

          Thank you very much Mr. Falsereprise… I think we all know that there are many great poets among the hip hop community. I made a stupid mistake when I talked about this Lupe’s song… I was just surprised to hear such things on an old hippy song.

          But we have to agree that a lot of maintream rappers are just… well… special

        • falsereprise 6:16 pm on June 28, 2010 Permalink

          dj khaled can marry me

        • Jeesus 5:30 am on July 2, 2010 Permalink

          amen; we the best

    • Doubleugee 5:41 pm on June 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I’ll take you to the candy shop
      I’ll let you lick the lollipop
      Go ‘head girl, don’t you stop
      Keep going ’til you hit the spot
      -50 cent

      Poetic like that?

      • falsereprise 2:53 pm on June 28, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        I’m big ballin baby, yeahhh, and I’m spendin cheese
        I’m on my grind all day makin money with ease

        – Paul Le Mur

        • PH 10:50 pm on June 28, 2010 Permalink

          If you hate DJ Khaled you hate fun.

          This is coming from the dude who knows everything about hip-hop.

          Also, regarding Lupe … Food & Liquor was a near goddamn classic. For real. But The Cool was so much full of cheese.

    • Kris.G 1:00 pm on June 29, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Haha. Thanks for that link. And I definitely wasn’t trying to entice you to change your writeup.

      • TouchME 5:07 pm on June 29, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        My bad, my responsability ;)

    • nerd 1:11 am on July 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Lupe’s cool with the Gunter Kallman sample and all, but thanks for Valleys. Hadn’t heard of them and I plan to check them out more.

    • biffwooten 5:34 pm on August 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I just posted on this exact subject myself…I can’t believe how much history those few lines in Daydreamin’ have…check it out if you get the chance guys.


  • TouchME 11:41 am on April 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , chuck berry, jimi hendrix, johnny b goode, let's buy a fool, lil jon, little wing,   

    More Sun, More Music 

    Encore une journée magnifique en perspective et ENCORE du bon vieux rock et des petits goodies :)

    Johnny B Goode – Chuck Berry

    Un autre truc qui fait TOUJOURS du bien l’été, au bord de la piscine ou …. n’importe où en fait ! Du bon, vieux, Jimi :) Il a sa place plus que jamais dans nos journées ensoleillées, il nous met la joie au coeur et nous déchire les oreilles avec sa guitare de génie et sa voix too cool for school

    Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix

    Show manqué de Boys Noize hier soir, déception… J’aurais bien besoin de ma dose de show électro, mais les circonstances m’en empêchent. Par contre, ça m’a donné envie d’écouter des mix de ce Dj incroyable ET j’ai tout de suite pensé au mash-up d’un ami que j’ai trouvé tout simplement magnifique… Je dois le partager… On a toujours eu un petit faible pour le gangstérisme de Lil Jon (wannabe gangster), voyez ce que ça donne :)

    Let’s Buy A Fool – P. Huot

    Allez, profitez du soleil pendant qu’il est là… Parce qu’en avril, ne te découvre pas d’un fil…. F THAT !

    • Doubleugee 2:34 pm on April 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      GOGOGO JOHNY GO GO JOHNY BE GOOD!! Ça me rappel ”Back to the future” <— One of the best movie ever made

    • Jeesus 2:44 pm on April 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      mais en mai, tu peux tout enlever

    • chat 10:36 pm on April 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      k le mix de huot, javais juste trop hate quil refasse surface. hype machine better recognize him!!!

  • TouchME 2:14 am on June 28, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: agnus dei, driving south, jimi hendrix, , rufus wainwright, thriller   

    R.I.P. K.O.P. 

    Dure semaine, longue et pénible, mais marquée par deux excellentes chansons.

    La première : Driving South de nul autre que le roi de la guitare, le roi de la musique pourrait-on même dire… Jimi Hendrix. Wow. Que de la guitare, que du pur plaisir. J’adore

    Secundo, Agnus Dei d’un ange, Rufus Wainwright, l’homme à la voix extraordinaire. Depuis la toute première chanson que j’ai entendue de lui (Oh What A World), je l’adore. J’ai eu la chance d’assister à un des ses spectacles à Mtl et c’était incroyable. Il a une voix magnifiiiique !

    Pour boucler la boucle, un petit hommage au K.O.P, Michael Jackson, très regretté depuis le 25 juin 2009. Son clip le plus connu et son meilleur d’après moi (la voix du narrateur, j’adore). Ladies and gentlemen, I give you : THRILLER !

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