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    heat, beat & ponchos 

    ‘Round this time of year, Québec revels in its modest share of lush tropical-esque weather. Lawn chairs are on the sprawl; Coronas are handy; UV rays toast the toxin-laden sweat out of bodies that took advantage of the balmy air of the night before to guzzle malted beverages like there was no tomorrow. Neo-catholic expletives blow out of  mouths hither-tither and dissipate  amidst the smoke of the last few King Size Export A’s left. (*soupir* ‘Sti qui fait chaud…) Inevitably, heat in itself is a manifestation of energy: as such, the higher concentration of energy in summer stirs and acts upon all who are subject to its empire. Glands sweat, garbage stinks, skin burns, eggs are readily burned on sidewalks and the heavens bring forward their “best and brightest” thunderstorms in the summertime. Which in turn increases humans’ demand for rain ponchos.

    Now I’ve been meaning to let this out for a while. Without further ado, I hereby state my (ambitious) proposition:

    “From the industrial revolution onwards, there has been no greater concentration of Beauty (with a capital B) used for the promotion of a single product’s than there has been for the promotion of rain ponchos.

    Agreed, such a claim demands hard evidence. Take thusly into consideration exhibit A:

    The suave self-assurance this jock is donning can only impress the pants off the average onlooker. Try pressing the play button on the next Al Green classic and staring deep into his oculars. Shivers guaranteed.

    Here I Am (Come and Take Me) – Al Green

    Onwards to exhibit B:

    Plastic isn’t only for the solitary wolves hardened by celibacy. All real lovers know it only takes three letters to spell “happiness”: P-V-C. After all, felicity rhymes with impermeability.  Check out the dimples on this babe:

    You can easily tell that this is what’s blasting in her head:

    Kalimba Story – Earth Wind & Fire

    If you still aren’t convinced that rain poncho models are the lighthouses that guide us safely through dark and stormy nights of doubtful fashion, check out this straight-up G:

    This fellow’s yellow and he means business. Ain’t no rainstorm gonna stop him. He’s comin’!

    Hold On, I’m Comin’ – Sam & Dave

    There you have it. Even if the gist of my argument lies in deeply subjective value judgments, I can’t stop myself from thinking that there’s a little something universal in the grace of an elegantly worn rain poncho.

    Whatever. Beats and my lawn chair await.

    Please Set Me at Ease – Madlib

    Flying Overseas (feat. Devonte Hynes And Solange Knowles) – Theophilus London

    Colorful Storms – Official Mix – Damu the Fudgemunk

    Stagelights – Sir Michael Rocks

    Styles Crew Flows Beats (feat. Lootpack) – Peanut Butter Wolf

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    S. O. L. 

    Yesterday, Montreal was teased by the short-lived presence of a familiar celestial figure. Personally, I was gettin’ my tan on as I walked to school, coat slung over my right shoulder: there’s nothing like the feeling of el sol toasting the back of your neck, all the while gleaming over a melting scenery left by months of snow and sub-zero temperatures. Brazilian airs whistled out of my lips, ecstatic to poke out of their hibernation.

    And then night came. Rain. And morning. Rain.

    SOL turned into ‘Shit Out of Luck’.

    Here is some brazilian music by artists mostly from the Música Popular Brasileira movement. Even if the songs aren’t sun-themed, they should serve as appropriate invocations on the sole premiss that they come from Brazil. I hear that if you play and share them enough, solar divinities are appeased and show lenience to our reasonable demands for Vitamin D…

    Here’s one by the legendary Caetano Veloso in response to TouchMe’s posting of a Jackson cover:

    Here’s one by the Queen of MPB, Elis Regina:

    Here’s one by Chico Buarque with a beachy setting:

    Antonio Carlos Jobim’s famous standard played by Gilberto:

    And a David Bowie cover for the movie The Life Aquatic by my favorite Brazilian:

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    Tags: Benoit Beaudet, Felix Leclerc, gypsy jazz, Ike Quebec, , It Might as Well Be Spring, jazz manouche, living, loving, Luc Fortin, Marin Nasturica, Michel Donato, Montréal, Pondicherry, Puducherry, , Richard Léveillé, Samuel de Champlain   

    It Might as Well Be Spring 

    Trois mois avec mon meilleur ami à trotter l’Asie et voilà que je foule à nouveau les contrées que ce bon vieux Sammy de C s’est plu à appeler le «Québec». Le retour est difficile pour diverses raisons… chocs tant culturels que personnels, mais là n’est pas le point. Mon compadre, lui, reste dans le nord de l’Inde jusqu’en fin novembre. Ses parents organisent un souper, m’invitent de même que sa copine, sa soeur et son copain à elle. Tout le monde parle, échange, boit, compatise, blague. Et d’un coup, on the spur of the moment, son père me sort un disque. Le disque. L’enregistrement live d’un concert impromptu donné par Luc Fortin, Richard Léveillé, Michel Donato et Marin Nasturica qu’il avait entendu à Saint-Donat pendant l’été. C’est avec des yeux brillants qu’il me le fait écouter. Depuis, je ne peux m’en enlever les airs de la tête.

    Celui-ci, c’est un fantastique arrangement jazz-manouche de l’Hymne au printemps de Leclerc. Michel Donato, contrebassiste qui n’a même pas besoin d’introduction, fût d’ailleurs jadis celui qui fournissait la base aux accords de Félix. Façon musicale de dire que «stai son bôssiste, sti».

    L’Hymne est une de ces chansons qui touchent un éventail si varié de gens à travers tant d’âges qu’il est difficile de ne pas la qualifier d’universelle. C’est le genre de chanson avec laquelle on peut grandir. Elle me touche différemment maintenant qu’il y a quatre ans, disons. Maintenant, elle me fait dire que le printemps, c’est une question de perception; il naît en nous quand on veut. Quétaine, vaporeux, digne d’un biscuit-fortune, vous direz de cette pensée. Et c’est tout à fait vrai, à condition qu’elle soit dépourvue d’une émotion qui l’accompagne. Alors écoutez.

    L’hymne au printemps – Fortin, Léveillé, Donato, Nasturica

    in Pondycherry lies wisdom

    Three months of strolling through Asia with my best friend later and here I am, back on the same shores ol’ Sammy de C affectionately nicknamed ”Québec”. Returning, this time around anyways, is difficult for many reasons, be they cultural as well as personal, but therein does not lie my point. My brother-in-arms, for his part, remains stationed in the north of India till late November. His parents, knowing I came back, plan a supper and invite myself along with his girlfriend, his sister and her boyfriend. Everyone talks, laughs, drinks, exchanges memories, opinions, jokes. And, on the spur of the moment, my friend’s father takes out a disc to share it with me. The disc. A live recording of a lakeside summer show in Saint-Donat he attended featuring none other than Luc Fortin, Richard Léveillé, Michel Donato and Marin Nasturica. It was with sparkling eyes that he popped it into the player. I haven’t been able to extract its melodies out of my mind since.

    The track I share here is a fantastic jazz-manouche style arrangement of l’Hymne au printemps by Félix Leclerc. Michel Donato, the reigning king of jazz bassists in Montreal, was, as a matter of fact, Leclerc’s bassist back in the day.

    L’Hymne is one of those songs that reaches into the souls of such a wide array of people and ages that it would be difficult not to consider it universal. It’s also one of those songs that you can grow with. It appeals to me differently now than it did four years ago, for example. Right this very minute, it makes me believe that Spring, as a concept, is mostly a question of perception; you can make it blossom at will. Corny, vague, fortune-cookie crap, you might say. True, if it’s not backed by a feeling. So just listen.

    L’hymne au printemps – Fortin, Léveillé, Donato, Nasturica


    A very sensual take on Rodger and Hammerstein’s It Might as Well be Spring by american saxophonist Ike Quebec. (pronounce KYOO-bec) Enjoy!

    It Might As Well Be Spring – Ike Quebec

    the raging bay of bengal... is awesome!

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    Hall-oween, Fail-oween: Chill-Attitude. 

    Ok. So I get it that everyone’s getting excited with Halloween this weekend, but guys, I have to admit, I’m escaping more and more into thoughts of summer, golden skin, warmth, pureness. I used to have my Fall Phase where life was about partying, cigarettes and electro parties, but this time around, I’m feeling quite introverted and “spacey”.



    I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m eating really healthy, working out decently, and have classes about nude bodies and (sometimes annoying) feminist teachers, but I’ve been exploring the woman/sensuality in my own reality. I feel I have all these things I have to get done in a day, and shit, I think society is kinda getting to me! Chores, responsibilities and b.s. … Whatttttt is happening?

    Seeking for a relief, I went to a friend of mine’s blog called “20-Something in Montreal“. This girl can make my day, she really can. From boy issues to amazing videos (music & film), it’s a chick’s escape without being girly. Last post; J. Viewz – Salty Air. I then understood. All I need is a chill pill. Get inspired, and go.

    Salty Air (by J. Views) (download here)


    I personally think that for a girl to be really attractive, she has to feel sensual, be interesting and, well, good genes help. Someone not completely stressed of of her mind and who kinda thinks like a dude helps, too. For any girls reading this, just explore your fantasies, get out your tomboy style, and just deliver yourself to really inspiring images and music. It does the trick for me.



    One tomboy I find really cool for three reasons is Eliot Paulina Sumner, from the band I Blame Coco.
    1- Guys names on girls = hot.
    2- Her amazing voice.
    3- This sick video.


    Self Machine (by I Blame Coco) (download here)


    Mot de la fin..

    Hate it or love it, Halloween is the excuse for girls to let out their inner whores. So be it. Have fun trick-r-treating errbody.

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    Let It Fall – Playlist 

    Fall is still making us all melancholic here in Montreal as its dead colorful leaves are covering the grass and its naked trees are slowly starting to appear. I have the feeling that everything is falling around us and I take refuge in some old songs that make this feeling even stronger. I will share these songs with you guys. Some are old and some are new, but I love every single one of them. Hope you can enjoy this playlist as much as I do.

    Temazcal – Monsters of Folk

    24-25 – Kings of Convenience

    Come Together – Joe Cocker

    Give Me One Reason – Tracy Chapman

    Long Nights – Eddie Vedder

    Goodbye Blue Sky – Pink Floyd

    Things Ain’t Like They Used to Be – The Black Keys

    White Shoes – Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band

    Awake My Soul – Mumford & Sons

    Lover, You Should’ve Come Over – Jeff Buckley

    Family Tree – TV on the Radio

    This one is a very good evening song, eating home comfortable when it’s dark and cold outside.

    Black Night – Charles Brown

    The complete playlist as an actual…well… playlist.


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      i want to press play on the cloud picture

      • TouchME 2:38 am on February 18, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Hey, Thanks ! Both of the pictures are from me actually :)

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    Tags: afrikaan, die antwoord, , enter the ninja, , evil boy, evil boy video, japan, katana, , Montréal, ninja, official, official evil boy video, rich bitch, schoolgirl, sexy, south-african, trashy, video, watkin tudor jones, ying yang, Yo-Landi Vi$$er, zef side   

    The Answer 


    “-so….what does [Die Antwoord] mean?
    -the answer
    -answer to what?
    -whatever man…fuck”



    Whether you’ve heard of Die Antwoord in 2009 when they had their big break or more recently, it probably made a hell of an impression on you. I feel that either you love or hate them….or maybe you’re like me and don’t quite know how to feel about them. I find their beat sick and “next level” like Ninja (born Watkin Tudor Jones), the main rapper says in Zef Side‘s video. It’s a perfect video to show you guys as a sample of their work since it’s part interview, part song, and it’s visually appealing even if it’s sooooo goddamn trashy! Try paying special attention to Yo-Landi Vi$$er (the girl) at 1:13; her looking at Ninja’s crotch is priceless.



    I think the Afrikaan (South-African) hip-hop group wanted to take over rich country youngsters as a smart marketing move, so they tried appeling to trends in the USA and Japan. And did it ever work!  In Zef Side, there’s the whole trailer-park trash vibe, and in, say, Enter the Ninja, the whole Japanese sexy schoolgirl, the cartoon-like girl voice, citing Japan and Ying & Yang, the ninja title, the martial art vibe, the use of a katana in the video..it all just comes together.Then there’s the handicapped boy they use in the video…was there a message behind it? I think Ninja wanted to show that you can build something big even if you start with no chances on your side.



    Zef Side (Slap In The Bass Remix) – (by Die Antwoord)

    Rich Bitch – (by Die Antwoord)


    Honestly Die Antwoord leave me quite puzzled…are they good guys? Bad guys? All I know is that Rich Bitch and Zef Side are pretty cool tunes, and that I’m going to have to find out if they’re really as weird as they portray themselves to be, for myself, ’cause they’re going to be in Montreal October 25th at Metropolis.
    They’re not charging cheap, so I’m hoping it’ll be a hell of a show!

    Advance $25
    Door $28

    For tickets & more information you can click here for the Evenko website.



    *** JUST IN !!! ***
    new video by Die Antwoord

    EVIL BOY (official) (produced by Diplo)

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      This might be the worst thing to come out of South Africa since apartheid. They should be ripped apart by those aliens from District 9.

    • falsereprise 1:36 am on September 30, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      they’ve definitely got ”Pink Flamingo” appeal… so grotesque you can’t look away

      • chat 10:37 pm on October 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        and ugly baby animals hahahaha

    • Jeesus 4:01 pm on October 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I say we hit the “Door $28” option.

    • Charlie 1:00 am on October 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      God this is fucking amazing shit. Love the Slap in the Bass remix. It really is the next level shit, yo.

    • salubele666 1:31 pm on November 17, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Harry Potter you are the –censored– and the biggest –censored– in this –censored– world ….. So Alien ??? He is a human too you silly –censored– . How old are you 13teen ?? He is so talented … I wanna show his work and more of people have a possitive opinion …. So You –censored– … –censored

      • Harry Potter 12:09 am on December 9, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Actually, I am “thirteenteen”, but only in Muggle years! Yea i suppose you’re right, he is pretty talented… At winging his broomstick around from behind his disgraceful fashioning of dark-side boxers if anything. And my mistake, i forgot that the alien from District 13 was human, how silly of me. but in all honesty, I’m glad that people like you exist. How is that grade 8 english education treating you? “and more of people have a possitive opinion”. Silly silly muggle! Anyway, back to Hogwarts! Gotta bang Hermione and kill Voldemort — oh shit sorry, I mean he who should not be named… wanker! Spoiler alert: I die in the last book, Ron and Hermione get married, and everyone lives happily ever after!

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    Tags: bar 9, belmont, , midnight, Montréal, september 29th, usual suspects, victor hacala   

    As the title says, there will be a very … 

    As the title says, there will be a very violent crime committed in Montreal on Wednesday night. This crime is called BASS DRIVE and will be located at Belmont.

    DUBSTEP FANS LISTEN UP ! Bar9 will be performing at Belmont this wednesday night for the cheap cost of 10$. Think about it… getting your ears blown out for 10$ is freaking worth it ! For the people who aren’t very informed on the dubstep scene, Bar9 are crazy. Dubstep duo from England, their tracks are so violent you’ll be filled with bass for a month. Here’s some tracks you may wanna listen to :

    Midnight – Bar 9

    A little (lol) remix they did of a Kickstart track :

    DAYUUUUM ! I know, but that’s not it !

    A friend of mine will be playing before : Victor Hacala. Don’t underestimate the local scene people because this man is a sickass musician, DJ and dub producer. His tracks are crazy and will make you go DAMN !! He used to be resident at Warehouse, played many times at Koï and played before Flux Pavillon and Datsik at Foufs not so long ago and he will now make you all BOOOUUNNCCEEE at Belmont. Keep an eye out for this man, he even plays live guitar and bass on stage (insane, I know).

    Usual Suspects (Welcome To The Zoo) – Victor Hacala

    Remember people, Wednesday September 29th @ Belmont. Be there, it’s a MUST (school stuff isn’t an excuse ;) ) And stop talkin’ shit about Dubstep, you know you like it :)

    • chat 8:43 am on September 28, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      0:58 – 1:05 = 4:15-4:17 ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7hjBzpxYZQ ) = LOVE IT

    • falsereprise 1:40 am on September 30, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      victor est rendu chaud! live guitar and mixing? ok, va falloir que j’entende ca.

      • TouchME 12:09 pm on September 30, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        C’était assez fou hier soir… Il est fort et violent :)

        P.S. Il nous a shooté un Killing In The Name Of à la fin de son set. Ouch

        • falsereprise 4:19 pm on November 1, 2010 Permalink

          p.s., what’s up with the porn to the right of the turntable? haha

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    Musical Fall 

    Aaaah autumn, you and your magical colors, your dead leaves and your crazy parties.

    Temperature is starting to drop in Montreal and already we are getting ready for some insane nights in Montreal. For all of those who went to Osheaga and got the green surprise (upcoming shows piece of paper), you surely jumped in excitment. I know I did.

    It’s time for all the groopies to go search the web for some awesome artists coming to Montreal in the upcoming months. I know I’m going to at least 3 shows (for now). Angus & Julia stone have caught my eye, The Tallest Man on Earth will surely see my face and I won’t be missing Eels.

    Bella – Angus & Julia Stone

    I’ve heard about Ratatat coming to Montreal in September (the 7th, already sold out for sure…). Artists such as Two Door Cinema Club, Vampire Weekend, First Aid Kit, The XX, Jamie Lidell and Roger Waters (Holy Mother Of God) are also stopping by this great city of ours. Blonde Redhead is also coming with Pantha du Prince opening for her, might be a very interesting show. Caribou is stopping by Le National in September as well as Ok GO! in October.

    Es Schneit – Pantha Du Prince

    Take some time to go over your favorite venues and you’ll be greatly surprised I’m pretty sure. Montreal is a musical city, PROFITEZ-EN. Hope to see you guys there.

    Le National



    Pop Montreal

    Club Soda

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    Tags: bananafish, Emilie and Ali Band, Five Alarm Funk, groove attic, indie montreal, inuit wedding, la strada, Montréal, , , Royal Canoe, shows, The Invention Matters, The Thanya   

    This Week is LIVE – Upcoming Shows 

    Hey guys !

    Since we are receiving loads of emails and…well… have a life, we are sometimes late on the answers. Sorry for all of those who didn’t get any.

    Now, we have received an email recently about the next shows in Montreal and this week is gonna be pretty awesome.

    Wednesday, July 21st : Groove Attic and La Strada @ les 3 Minots – 8:30pm

    Groove Attic is a great funky band from Montreal. Their music is so groooooovaaayyyy they are worth a listen in my opinion. I’ve heard that they are pretty awesome live ;) They are playing with La Strada from Broooklyyyyn (damn right). La Strada has a very nice style. Check out their myspace if you don’t know them. I really love their music. “Drawing on Jungian archetypes, folk tales and Franco-Baltic harmonies, La Strada offers up the best of the New York indie scene: interesting music made by talented people who have a point of view and a love for what they do.”The Huffington Post

    Thursday, July 22nd : Five Alarm Funk and Bananafish with The Thanya, Emilie and Ali Band @ Divan Orange – 8:30pm

    My personal favorite this week. Five Alarm Funk is a band from Vancouver that has the best style ever. A funky kind of music that will make you dance your ass off. Give their myspace a listen because you will get blown away. They are playing with Bananafish, a local band that mixes instruments in a pretty awesome way. They have a jazzy/progressive style that has to be beautiful in concert. The last band is another local creation. The Tanya, Emilie and Ali Band have this soothing indie acoustic style that we all love. They will all be there at Divan Orange this Thursday. Check out the BookFace event.

    Friday, July 23rd : This Invention Matters and Royal Canoe @ 3 Minots – 8:30pm

    Last show of the week featuring another local band : This Invention Matters. An pop band that makes me think about the bands we used to listen to when we were younger. They will be playing live with a Winnipeg based band Royal Canoe. These guys have some awesome songs, check them out on myspace (link above). Another funky style that meets afro-beat to make a inspiring style.

    All of those shows are organized by Indie Montreal. Go to their site to have all the info you need about the upcoming shows. The tickets to the shows are all under 10$ so GO CHECK IT OUT !

    We will be getting some tickets for the other shows coming at the end of the month so get ready for a little ticket giveaway guys :)

    Here’s a little song for you guys who are waiting for Osheaga to come :)

    Inuit Wedding – Pawa Up First

    • Five Alarm 4:44 am on November 17, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      This is our newly minted vid for everyone to get a glimpse of what Five Alarm Funk is like in concert… check it out!

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    Tags: alexander mcqueen, brooke rutherford, canadian meantal health association, charity, cluc couture, héricher, helmer, jean-paul corbeil, kristel chiara, lab créatif, labcréatif, made with love, masterpiece, mental health, models, Montréal, montreal in fashion, montreal state of mind, pierre-olivier trempe   

    MADE WITH LOVE – In memory of Alexander McQueen 

    Ahhhh Alexander McQueen. I don’t think words can express how fragile any human being’s life is, and how losing great visionaries can greatly affect the scene they’re part of.

    In this case, Alexander McQueen inspired local Montrealers Brooke Rutherford and Pierre-Olivier Trempe to plan a charity event in the name of MADE WITH LOVE in collaboration with LabCréatif for the Canadian Mental Health Association.

    Designers such as Cluc Couture, Helmer, Héricher, Jean-Paul Corbeil and Kristel Chiara are going to create looks inspired by Alexander McQueen’s style, live, in front of the public, who will likely be sipping cocktails, chatting, and enjoying good music. I’m going to be participating in this event, so it would mean a lot if it became a success! You can clic HERE for tickets!


    If you’re interested in more information on the event,
    you can visit some other blogs who talk about it, and the facebook event page.

    Local blogs:
    Montreal In Fashion

    Montreal State of Mind

    To finish off, here a few of McQueens masterpieces;


    Hope to see you there!

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